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What are Hybrid eucalyptus Colnes?
A Hybrid is essentially a cross-breed between two or more plant varieties of the same species.The varieties selected by Researchers, to make the most suitable hybrids for Uganda were: E. Grandis, E. Camaldulensis and E. Urophylla.

Where can I find the trees to plant?
UTRL’s primary channel of product/ service delivery to its clients is the nurseries. Currently, UTRL has 4 cloning nurseries in the following locations: Kabanyolo (Head office), Busiika, Mbale & Forportal.

What is the growth period?
It takes up to 5-7 years for this clone to be harvested as a mature tree for sale though it is possible to sell the trees before then

How is this a game changer?
Hybrids are more resistance to most tropical pests and diseases that attack non-hybrid trees and can adapt better to wider range of climatic soil conditions, they provide higher and faster yields especially if planting and maintenance is done well.

Who should be thinking about this?
Any one who has resource of land can plant these trees and will have invested well.

How many trees grow in an acre?
An acre will take up to 450 plantlets.

Quick Information

• Low clonal seedling costs. • It takes up to 5-7 years for this clone to be harvested as a mature tree for sale though it is possible to sell the trees before then. • An acre will take up to 450 plantlets. • A mature tree will sell between 150,000shs to 350,000 shillings • An initial capital of 270,000shs will earn you up to 65,000,000 Uganda shillings with very little input and effort for an acre.
1. Business investors that need less volatile ventures but with a higher Return on Investment (RoI), 2. Parents who want to secure premium education that would otherwise be expensive for their children, 3. Politicians who want to invest and earn considerably well to fund their next campaigns, or perhaps provide a cushion for their exit strategy, 4. Corporates that would want to secure their financial positions and strengthen the asset base (home, car, farming etc), 5. Institutions that seek to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility through giving back to communities - Tree planting for better income, alternative source of income to deforestation, conservation etc. 6. Individuals that are approaching retirement and would want to land softly. This investment option is less risky, has a higher RoI, it is less demanding and needs less supervision. 7. Companies that need cheaper, alternative sources of energy for their production process. 8. Ugandans living abroad and looking for a worthy and safe investment at home.
We are a fully registered company and adhere to the regulation from URSB. In August 2012, Uganda Tree Resources Limited was registered as a company and aimed to meet the growing demand for trees in Uganda.
We try to schedule our business clients early in the week and our residential clients are scheduled Tuesday through Friday. Appointment can be at anytime during the week. Please get in touch with us for any further inquiries and information.

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