Quality Eucalyptus hybrid Trees | SPGS III Certified
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Mon-Sat: 08:30 - 17:00

Our Vision

To be the leading producers of trees in Uganda, anchored on research and benchmarked by forestry stakeholders.

Our Mission

To seek superiority in all we undertake, continuously venturing into the unknown to provide our community and customers with high end products and services.

Our Values

To demonstrate Quality in everything that we do,
To be viewed as a company of Integrity and sound professional ethics,
Customer centricity,
To take the lead position in the Conservation of the environment
To adopt the Culture of continuous improvement.


UTRL aims to transfer value onto customers through high-quality hybrid eucalyptus clones. Our products cost slightly higher than the ordinary eucalyptus or pine seedlings. The reason for this is technological: cost of the required specialized expertise/skill; cost of the rare specialized materials and the time and labour required to produce each individual clone. Results and output from our clones are significantly higher, but also demand better field care and management.

UTRL currently produces 6 varieties of clones that are adequate for a wide range of bio-climatic conditions. These include Drier, hotter climates: GC 796, GC796-II, GC 550, GC 578,  Cooler, wetter climates: GU 7, and GU 8.

There are also new clones not yet on the market that UTRL, as a market leader, is studying with the intention of introducing to the market.
To enhance our customer’s results, we offer consulting/advisory services in the following areas:

  • Clone site march indications/pointers  Plantation establishment/silvicultural/trending operations
  • Plantation management requirements/operations
  • Advice on product maturity timing-timber/poles/firewood
  • Market information guidance

UTRL also offers tree planting services to customers. This service is gaining momentum due to the quality that our staff offer.